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Video Coffee break: Tom and Michael, two stressed workers of an SME, dream of a robot helping them in their daily routine. One idea inspires the next ... until they come up to novel work environments and new and different types of robots, which will be explored in the project.
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You can order a free DVD of this video here. It contains additional subtitles in Dansk, Deutsch, Français, English, Italiano, Neder- lands, Português, Suomi, and Svenska.
Data Sheets
High performance, low life cycle cost industrial robot for demanding applications
Industrieroboter für anspruchsvolle Anwendungen mit hoher Leistung und geringen Gesamtkosten
A SMART robot in any shop floor
Ein intelligenter Roboter für jeden Fertigungsbereich
The SME Worker's Third Hand
Der Roboter als dritte Hand des Werkers
Woodworking Assistant
Five Minute Robot Programming
Roboterprogrammierung in fünf Minuten
Robot programming for everyone
Roboterprogrammierung für jedermann
Desktop robot for teaching and research
Tischroboter für Unterricht und Forschung
Exactaburn and Cutlight
Präzisions-Schneidbrenner und -Schneidschleifer
Ultra high density servo Actuator
Ultra-leichter Servo-Antrieb
New force/torque sensor
Neuer Kraft-Momentensensor
Collision avoidance strategies for industrial robots
Kollisionsvermeidungsstrategien für Industrieroboter
LCC Tool - Life Cycle Costing Tool
Instrument für Lebenszykluskosten-Bewertung
SMErobot™-Toolbox: Creative tools for company modernization
Trainingswerkzeuge zur Unternehmensmodernisierung
Safety in Human-Robot Interaction
Sicherheit in der Mensch-Roboter-Interaktion

3DMo-R: DLR 3D-Modeler
Integrated Multisensory System for Robot and Manual Use
Ein integriertes multisensorielles System für den hand- und
    robotergeführten Einsatz

Roboter für kmU: Realisierte Visionen
Robotic Key Technologies zum Anfassen für kleine und mittlere

DLR CalDe and CalLab - The DLR Camera Calibration Toolbox
The camera calibration suite consists of two separate programs, that is DLR CalDe (camera Calibration Detection tool) and DLR CalLab (camera Calibration Lab). DLR CalDe aims at the measurement of the salient points of a specific calibration object. The measured points are read and processed by DLR CalLab, which finally provides the intrinsic camera parameters as well as the extrinsic parameters for either a single camera or a stereo-camera.
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Benchmarking tool for the recognition of spoken commands in industrial environments
This scoring tool developed by Fraunhofer IPA can be used for testing and comparing the robustness of speech recognition applications for robot control in the presence of typical background noises. It consists of two parts: one for preparing comparable test data and one for scoring the recognition result.
Benchmarking tool for speech recognition (zip, 100kB)
Sample recordings from a joinery (zip, 30MB)
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