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SMErobot™ at 2008

For the first time SMErobot™ presented future automation solutions aimed at small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses at the AUTOMATICA traide fair 2008 in Munich from June 10 to 13, 2008.

Our booth was located in hall B2 at booth 538/539.
Press information
May 05, 2008
SMErobot™ Pressekonferenz zur AUTOMATICA 2008
Einladung zur internationalen SMErobot-Pressekonferenz am Mittwoch, den 11. Juni 2008 um 13 Uhr im Konferenzraum des Pressezentrums WEST auf dem Messegelände München.
May 05, 2008
SMErobot™ Pressekonferenz zur AUTOMATICA 2008
Invitation to the international press conference of SMErobot Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 1 p.m. (13:00) at the conference room of the press centre WEST.
February 28, 2008
SMErobot™: Eine neue Robotergeneration für kleine und mittelständische Fertigungen auf der AUTOMATICA 2008
Europäisches Forschungsprojekt präsentiert erstmals Prototypen kostengünstiger, modularer und interaktiver Automatisierungslösungen für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen.
February 28, 2008
SMErobot™: Une nouvelle génération de robots pour les petites et moyennes entreprises de fabrication présentée au salon AUTOMATICA 2008
Projet de recherche européen présente de nouveaux prototypes qui constituent des solutions d´automatisation á coût réduit, modulaires et interactives, destinées aux petites et moyennes entreprises.
February 28, 2008
SMErobot™: A new generation of robots for small and medium-sized manufacturing productions at AUTOMATICA 2008
European research project presents new prototypes of cost-effective, modular and interactive automation solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing productions.
January 31, 2008
New lightweight high performance servo actuator revolutionizes robotics
HDD Servo Motors AB and ABB Robotics present a new breakthrough in lightweight servo actuators targeting robotic applications.
January 31, 2008
Güdel AG and ABB Robotics parts of European consortium building high performance, low lifecycle cost industrial robots for demanding applications.
Güdel AG and ABB Robotics have made a large contribution to a new EU SMErobot™ concept that brings affordable robot automation to demanding industrial applications.
SMErobot™ Flyer for AUTOMATICA 2008 AUTOMATICA flyer
SMErobot™ Exhibit Descriptions Collected exhibit descriptions
The exhibit descriptions give an overview of the technical and innovative highlights of each exhibit presented at Automatica 2008.

Please find below the particular descriptions for each exhibit in a single file:
New parallel kinematic robot for industrial applications
Nouveau robot à cinématiques parallèles
The EU project SMErobot™ presents a fundamentally new robot concept that allows the affordable robot automation of demanding industrial applications. ...
A SMART robot in any shop floor
Un robot SMART pour tous les ateliers de fabrication
New devices for robots for use in small and medium-sized enterprises: flexible 3D localization of workpieces, autonomous grasp planning, processing without programming, collision avoidance by automatic reduction of speed and change of movement ...

The SME worker’s third hand
Le robot : la troisième main de l´opérateur
For the first time intuitive and close cooperation of humans and robots becomes a reality in a workshop setting based on a new and intuitive operation and programming concept for the new KUKA lightweight robot. ...

Woodworking assistant
L´assistant au travail du bois
The woodworking assistant is intended for use as a versatile tool of a joiner or carpenter in a crafts joinery. ...

Five minute robot programming
Programmation du robot en cinq minutes
Robot programming can be so easy: ...

Robot programming for everyone
La programmation des robots à la portée de tous
The main drawback of using robots for frequently changing environments and tasks, something which is typical of production in small and medium-sized enterprises, is the significant effort required for setting up work cells and programming robots. This is no longer necessary. ...

Desktop Plug and Produce robot for class-room use
Un robot de table "Plug-and-Produce" destiné aux écoles
Industrially applicable robot technologies have so far been available only to a small extent for teaching and educational purposes. Instead, toy-like robots have been used for reasons of cost and simplicity of use/interfacing. Now, however, ...

Exactaburn and Cutlight
Chalumeau et outil de coupe/meulage
Two brand-new units for casting processes have been developed by Casting Technology International within the SMErobot™ project: the intelligent close-cutting burner and the lightweight cutter and grinder.

The new HDSA High Density Servo Actuator
Le nouveau servomoteur HDSA Haute Densité
The EU project SMErobot™ presents a breakthrough in lightweight servo actuators for robotic applications. The new servo actuator achieves a very high power-to-weight ratio through the compact integration of new motor, brake and sensor components with the latest speed reducer technology from Harmonic Drive. ...

New low-cost microsystem-based robot force sensor
Un nouveau capteur de force pour les robots
SMErobot™ presents a new six Degrees Of Freedom (DOF) force/torque sensor technology developed for robotic applications. The first prototype has been designed for lead-through programming, but the sensor concept can also be implemented for process force control. ...

SMErobot™life cycle costing tool
Outil d´analyse des coûts du cycle de vie SMErobot™
Fraunhofer ISI has developed a software tool for assessing the life cycle costs of new robotic business models that integrate customer-focused services. ...

SMErobot™ Toolbox for company modernization
SMErobot™Toolbox pour la modernisation de l´entreprise
The web based SMErobot™ Toolbox offers various self-explanatory training modules and checklists for developing and implementing new SMErobot™ technology (robot systems as multifunctional tools for small and medium-sized companies). ...

Exhibit Data Sheets
High performance, low life cycle cost industrial robot for demanding applications
Industrieroboter für anspruchsvolle Anwendungen mit hoher Leistung und geringen Gesamtkosten
A SMART robot in any shop floor
Ein intelligenter Roboter für jeden Fertigungsbereich
The SME Worker’s Third Hand
Der Roboter als dritte Hand des Werkers
Woodworking Assistant
Five Minute Robot Programming
Roboterprogrammierung in fünf Minuten
Robot programming for everyone
Roboterprogrammierung für jedermann
Desktop robot for teaching and research
Tischroboter für Unterricht und Forschung
Exactaburn and Cutlight
Präzisions-Schneidbrenner und -Schneidschleifer
Ultra high density servo Actuator
Ultra-leichter Servo-Antrieb
New force/torque sensor
Neuer Kraft-Momentensensor
Collision avoidance strategies for industrial robots
Kollisionsvermeidungsstrategien für Industrieroboter
LCC Tool - Life Cycle Costing Tool
Instrument für Lebenszykluskosten-Bewertung
SMErobot™-Toolbox: Creative tools for company modernization
Trainingswerkzeuge zur Unternehmensmodernisierung
Safety in Human-Robot Interaction
Sicherheit in der Mensch-Roboter-Interaktion
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