Fraunhofer - Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (IPA)

Fraunhofer IPA currently employing more than 250 engineers and scientists. Its annual turnover totaled some 35 million EURO in 2002. Fraunhofer IPA has been a front-runner in industrial and service-robot application e.g.: personal robots, assistive systems and industrial applications IPA do systems design and research in sensor data processing, control and man-machine interaction.
Project Management

GPS Gesellschaft für Produktionssysteme GmbH

Gesellschaft für Produktionssystem GmbH (GPS) was founded in 1999 as a spin off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation. The primary goal of the enterprise is to develop and implement concepts to transfer technology from applied research and science into marketable products. This includes the identification of product requirements, market studies concerning the economic potential and the acceptance of products, the development of strategies for the introduction of products into the market and the development of business plans. GPS currently consists of two departments, “Project Management and Technology Transfer” and “Robot Systems”.
Pro-Support B.V.

Pro Support was founded in 2000 to assist innovative companies with their research & development efforts, in particular to provide non-technical activities to support this, such as proposal preparation, partner search and project coordination. Currently, Pro Support focuses on European projects, and more particularly on CRAFT projects, which are aimed at SMEs. It has a broad understanding of the needs and working methods of SMEs all over Europe. To support its clients optimally, Pro Support has established local companies in Lithuania, Poland and the UK, with further expansion plans for Spain, Hungary and Italy in 2003-2004.

ABB Automated Technologies Robotics

Manufactures and develops industrial robots including controller hardware and software. Main applications for the products are arc welding, spot welding, material handling, machine tending and painting. Has an installed robot base of more than 110 000 robots, more than any other robot manufacturer in the world. The main customers are found in the automobile industry, but ABB also serves smaller industries. Tried to develop a low cost easy to use robot for SMEs 1997-1998, but the technology to be developed by this project was not available then and the project was never finished

COMAU S.p.A. is an industrial company which supplies small-medium-large automation systems in the all the world The Robotics Business Unit of COMAU S.p.A. supplies robots for large assembly lines of world automotive industry and for stand-alone applications and technological cells for small and medium-sized industries. For these SmallMediumEnterprise, COMAU Robotics is able to develop new mechanics and/or new software features enabling the application of robot in a wide range of technological processes.
KUKA Roboter GmbH

The KUKA Robot Group ranks among the world leaders in robot manufacturing, with more than 7300 robots sold in 2003. The company primarily offers solutions for the automotive and metal-working industries, as well as their sub-suppliers. The KUKA Robot Group has a close relation to both automotive customers and system integrators as full solution providers, yet the share of innovative non-automotive applications is increasing steadily. KUKA has a track record of successful co-operative research projects, both on a European and national level.
Reis Robotics GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik

The main business is the development and production of industrial robots and robotized automation systems. Typical applications include: welding, cutting, coating, assembling and part handling. The control of the robots is achieved by the in-house-developed ROBOTstar. Reis has collected special knowledge and experience in intelligent and intuitive user interfaces, in the area of safe robot controls and has developed a special controller with co-operative operating mode.
Güdel AG

Founded in 1954, Güdel AG is a global player and leader in manufacturing of components for power transmission and linear technology, as well as for a full range of standardized gantry robots, mainly based on rack and pinion drive technology. These robots are available in configurations from 1 to 3 linear axes (or more if required) and payloads applicable are from 10 up to 3600 kg. A wide range of options such as rotary axes, wrist axes, telescopic axes, safety brakes and automated greasing systems are available and easy adaptable. Curved gantry robots such as roboLoop and articulated arm robots suspended on an overhead linear axis such as roboFlex complete the range of products
Casting technology International LTD by Gurantee

Castings Technology International (Cti) is one of Europe‘s leading centres of excellence dedicated solely to the castings industry. As a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) with 105 technical personnel and an annual budget of 7m Euro. The organisation has a Worldwide membership of approximately 250 companies, which includes castings producers, their suppliers and castings users. The facilities are extensive and are geared to practical development work. They include comprehensive solid modelling, stress analysis, casting simulation and computer aided machining software facilities. The Centre has a pattern shop equipped with state of the art machining centres and foundries with ferrous and non-ferrous melting units using air and vacuum techniques. It has extensive moulding and coremaking facilities and long standing experience with foundry processes. It is also a leader in environmental issues relating to the castings industry.
Visual Components Oy

Visual Components is a leading 3D manufacturing simulation and visualisation specialist, offering machine builders, system integrators and manufacturing companies a simple, quick and extremely cost effective way to build and simulate their total process solutions. Founded in 1999 our vision has been to make 3D simulation available to everyone through tools that are easier to use and layered for varying skill levels within a company. Our business model is built to support SMEs through a licensing strategy aimed at high volumes of users and support for the product life cycle. By opening up access to simulation tools for the completeorgaisation not just the engineering department, we are turning a low volume market into a high volume market and positioning ourselves as the "Solidworks" of factory simulation.
Rinas ApS

Rinas ApS is a leading provider of advanced software solutions employed in the automation of a wide range of industrial processes. Rinas is an internationally oriented company with extensive experience and know-how within systems design and development. The core business of Rinas is the design, development and employment of offline programming systems for industrial robots integrating existing data and know-how in a rational, robotized production. More than 50% of the total robot weldings at the worlds shipyards are carried out by robots programmed by systems developed and serviced by the engineers at Rinas, who were pioneers in the development of robotized welding systems. The Rinas systems undergo constant development and diversification. At the moment the company offer robotized solutions covering, welding, cutting, grinding and fettling integrating advanced analysis of CAD data as the basis for the offline programming.


A European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) has been founded in the context of the project to facilitate the integration and cooperation of both SME end user and systems integrator groups with the Consortium. The EEIG is managed by the SME Coordinator (Pro Support). Its scope of activities involves particularly specification, testing and validation of robot concepts.
End user members:

K.MET Ltd. is an Estonian company specialized in wire products. It was founded in 1991 in Kömsi, situated 125 km from Tallinn.

Schreinerei Som steht seit 1980 für Holzarbeiten im Bereich Inneneinrichtung und Raumgestaltung. Besondere Kompetenz liegt in der Anfertigung von Möbeln nach individuellen Vorgaben.

Norton Cast Products Ltd. produces high quality, cost effective components with expertise in intricate and demanding castings and complex alloys.

Paul Treffler Stahl- und Maschinenbau is a mechanical engigeering company (Pöttmes-Echsheim, Germany). Their wide product range is based on the long time company life and covers all categories at metall- and machine-construction as well farming support.

Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH is part of the Hirschvogel Automotive Group (Denklingen, Germany). Hirschvogel supplys the automotive industry with forged components and subsequently machined steel and aluminum products.
System integrator members:

KINE Robot Solutions Oy (Rymättylä, Finland) is specialized in robot technics. KINE designs and delivers robot systems for industrial needs (incl. trainings) all over the world.

ZS Automation GmbH & Co. KG, located in Oberhausen / Kreut, Germany, offers individual solutions for production. With the use of robots, ZS Automation is able to do the optimisation of your production.

Jayway AB is a Swedish knowledge company completely aiming towards the Java technology. Jayway offers certified consultants for development of platform independent IT-solutions, especially with the Java environment and adjacent technologies.
Multiplier members:

Cetim - Technical centre for mechanical engineers (Centre technique des industries mecaniques - CETIM) was created in 1965 on the initiative of mechanical engineering companies and their professional bodies (the latter pilot the organisation). It is placed under the official guardianship of the French State.
Prospektiv Gesellschaft für betriebliche Zukunftsgestaltung GmbH

Prospektiv GmbH, founded in 1996, is a private research and consulting institute with a turnover of 1.7 million EURO in 2002. As an enterprise of the entrepreneurial group GfAH (company for industrial safety and humanization research) Prospektiv has over 20 years of experience in scientific and practice-related work for the support of innovative work in the 21st century. It has special know-how in supporting technical development projects from the points of view of economics, social science and psychology. It has realized several projects on the further development of industrial robots as well as projects on the design of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).

Fraunhofer - Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (IPA)

Fraunhofer IPA currently employing more than 250 engineers and scientists. Its annual turnover totaled some 35 million EURO in 2002. Fraunhofer IPA has been a front-runner in industrial and service-robot application e.g.: personal robots, assistive systems and industrial applications IPA do systems design and research in sensor data processing, control and man-machine interaction.
German Aerospace Center - Institute of Robotics and Mechatronic

DLR is the Aerospace Research Center as well as the Space Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The main focus of the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronic is on the design and realization of intelligent mechatronic concepts and systems. The new sensor and actuator generation developed in recent years exhibits not only a high degree of electronic and processor integration, but also a fully modular hardware and software structure. Examples of the pioneering work are multiple artificial ultra-lightweight arms and also multi-fingered hands.
Lund University / Institute of Technology

Lund University is the largest unit of research and higher education in Sweden. Its technical faculty is the Lund Institute of Technology. Robotics research at LTH is based on different core technology areas: Automatic Control, Computer Science, Robotics division of Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Computer Vision group of Dept. Mathematics and the Dept. of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation)..
University of Coimbra / ADDF

The laboratory activity is centred around industrial robotics research and development, including an extensive collaboration with industry (national and international). Interests are on HMI, force control, application distributed software, FT sensors, etc. Most research results have been transferred to industry and turned into products. The Industrial Robotics Laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering Department has a permanent staff of 7 persons, including 5 Ph.D and 2 technicians. At present, there are 5 M.Sc. students and 3 Ph.D. students.
Istituto di Tecnologie Industriali e Automazione

ITIA-CNR performs strategic activities of Scientific Research and Technological Development for the Competitiveness and Sustainability of Italian and European Manufacturing Industries. The Institute acts in tight collaboration with Enterprises, Universities, Research Centres and Institutions within National, European and International Programmes, Projects and Industrial Contracts. The main RTD activities of the Institute aiming at innovating Products, Processes and Organisation refer to the following research areas: Innovative Mechanical Components, Control Systems, Industrial Robotics and Automation Systems, Dynamic Analysis and Simulation of Machinery, Virtual Manufacturing Environment.
Fraunhofer - Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung (ISI)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI complements the techno-scientific spectrum of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft by economic and social aspects. Fraunhofer-ISI analyses technological developments, their market potentials and their impacts on economy, government and society.
Fraunhofer - Institut für Siliziumtechnologie (ISIT)

The Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie (ISIT), Itzehoe, works on design, development and production of microelectronic components as well as on microsensors, microactuators and other components for microsystems technology. All devices of this kind can be delivered either being prototypes or customer specific series.
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